Information Technology:

Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in all aspects of business and society. New innovations may provide answers to the key challenges facing the world today, from climate change to resource sustainability to affordable healthcare for an ageing population. New technologies allow us to make things better, faster and cheaper, and are empowering individuals in a number of ways. Most importantly, technology is a key driver of hyper connectivity -- the interconnecting of everyone with everything - which fundamentally redefines how individuals, enterprises and governments interconnect and relate. It provides new models for innovation, new opportunities for growth, but also new risks that will have to be managed and mitigated. In the recent WEF 2013, A few pioneer companies presented their vision in the areas of information technology, telecommunications and new media, energy and environment, and life sciences and health. These companies have demonstrative vision and leadership in their fields, innovative ideas and approaches, and their impact on society and business. This year's group of Technology Pioneers provides new models and solutions in a number of areas including solutions for a greener and more sustainable planet, technology for social and economic development, interaction-enabling technologies and platforms for collaborative exchange.

India is working closely with the various initiatives across the Globe in the field of Technology.India is disseminating its knowledge and expertise in various countries across Africa.Some of India's contributions to Africa are as follows:

* India has set up an Indo-Ghana Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence for Communications and Information Technology at Accra, Ghana to cater to human resource development in the IT sector.
* The Centre is operational since December 2003. Facilities like data communication & networking lab, hi-tech computer labs with server, class rooms and distance learning lab with video conferencing and satellite connectivity were established at the Centre.
* The project was implemented by C-DAC. The Centre was again upgraded during 2013-14 under Govt. of India’s assistance.
* The Ghanaian Government had provided physical infrastructure of the project like land, building, electricity, water and the requisite manpower. The technical infrastructure, course curricula and training etc. were provided by the Indian side.
* So far about 12000 students have been trained in the Centre.

Resurgent is closely working with various technology companies across domains in India. It has got franchise for technology products and services for Africa. It will franchise and set up JVs in various African countries, nurture entrepreneurs and also provide employment to capable and competent indigenes and make them partners in progress and further innovation.

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