Human Resources :

The Human capital is a most important resource an organisation must nurture and grow. Some of the critical trends on African Human Capital has been as follows:

* Leadership
* Retention and engagement
* Workforce capability
* Reskilling the HR function
* Talent acquisition and access

Organisations in Africa report they are largely not ready to address these trends. Though African business ranks Leadership (availability, depth, and development) as the most urgent trend, it is important to note that the readiness gap for Leadership is reported as the largest gap (35%) with a low level of readiness at 43%, even though the importance index stands at (77%).

Robust processes and people are most important for an organisational continuity and competence. It is important that processes be real time and scalable. Digital age of internet connectivity with cyber accessible databases and decision making processes are essential for surviving and growing in complex business environment.

Resurgent engages with organisations in Africa to create detailed HR manual which clearly articulate the policies. We also provide services for Recruitment of Expatriates and Training in specific domains. Our focus is to work with the ownership/ leadership to create enabling environment and performance driven culture. There is specific emphasis of synergising African and Indian Human Capital and leverage their skills and experience in global arena based on technology and business acumen.

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