Tourism is a powerful vehicle for economic growth and job creation all over the world. The tourism sector is directly and indirectly responsible (WTTC 2011) for 8.8 percent of the world's jobs (258 million); 9.1 percent of the world's GDP (US$6 trillion); 5.8 percent of the world's exports (US$1.1 trillion); and 4.5 percent of the world's investment (US$652 billion). The World Travel & Tourism Council estimates that 3.8 million jobs (including 2.4 million indirect jobs) could be created by the tourism industry in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) over the next 10 years.

This more than any other time is the moment for pursuing tourism as a dynamic development option in SSA. Although Africa was badly hit by the global crisis, the continent avoided an even worse growth shortfall in 2009, thanks to prudent macroeconomic policies by governments and financial support from multilateral agencies, and rebounded in 2010. Africa's private sector is increasingly attracting investment from the United States and Europe, with China, India and others also investing heavily in the region. Private capital flows are higher than official development assistance and foreign direct investment is higher than in India. Returns to investment in Africa are among the highest in the world. The public sector has set the conditions for the exponential growth of information and communications technology (ICT), which could also help to transform the continent. With incomes rising, SSA countries' poverty rate declined from 59% in 1995 to 50% in 2005. Given this scenario, the World Bank concludes that SSA could be on the cusp of an economic take-off, much like China was 30 years ago, and India was 20 years ago. Tourism is one of the key industries driving the current change and tourism could be a transformative tool within this take-off. From a small base of just 6.7 million visitors in 1990, SSA attracted 33.8 million visitors in 2012. Receipts from tourism in 2012 amounted to over US$36 billion and directly contributed 2.8. % to the region's GDP (total contribution, including direct, indirect and induced, stood at 7.3% of GDP). (WTTC, 2013)

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