Africa is not a healthy continent. On all indicators of health, Africa lags behind the rest of the world, and behind poor countries of South-East and South Asia that were behind Africa when measured on these metrics a few decades ago. Much of this gap, which has widened since the 1980s is a consequence of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) epidemic which has hit Africa harder than any region on Earth, but much of it (as well as the sometimes sluggish and ineffective responses to HIV/AIDS) can be blamed on other factors. African governments focussed on direct payment, and continue to do so to a large extent, after most countries started to move more towards facilitating health insurance schemes. Widespread and rapacious corruption has meant that large slices of health budgets have gone missing. Infrastructure problems have made it difficult to provide services to many people in more remote areas. Poverty has slowed the emergence of private healthcare initiatives outside of a few cities. Conflict has directly affected Africans' health through high numbers of death and injuries, and indirectly by hampering healthcare provision. All these problems, as well as Africa's sheer size and its position on the globe - most of it is in the tropics where the nastiest germs and parasites flourish - have made Africans unhealthier and worse looked after medically, than the inhabitants of any other continent on earth.

Ebola was yet another Blow to the continent. But, it did receive relatively faster response in various countries and seems under control.

Resurgent has experience in streamlining operations of nephrology hospital and has created manuals for people and processes to manage the hospital. Resurgent team also has experience to set up pharmacy stores and diagnostic labs. Medical Tourism to India is yet another domain which is fast catching up. Resurgent has professional linkages with Hospital and medical college in Bengaluru and is in position to set up healthcare projects in various parts of Africa.

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