Good education in Africa presently seems impossible if you are poor; it's so expensive that it is only available to those that can afford it. The poor are left marginalized with substandard government schools. After looking at the trend across Africa, it is believed that the insistence on education based on meritocracy should be encourage as this will lead to equity. To make this work, the education system needs to be insulated from politics and this is one of the major problems of education in Africa. The influence of politicians in formulating policies about education without consulting educators and bureaucrats' does not help in tackling the issues education is facing.

For example, in Singapore universities charge full fees, and give scholarships to low-income students. The government encourages private donations to universities, matching them one-for-one.

An eye-opening study from Transparency International's Africa Education Watch (AEW) programme has found that 44% of parents still report paying some kind of school registration fees for their children, despite laws making primary education free.

Laws making primary schooling free have brought some of the most sweeping changes to Africa's education systems. In 1999, the net primary enrolment ratio in Sub-Saharan Africa was 56% according to UNESCO. By 2007 the ratio was 73% and there were 12.8m fewer children out of school. (AEW)Research in 2004 found 20% of primary school teachers in rural western Kenya could not be found during school hours. Such teacher absenteeism, low levels of teacher effort and the leakage of resources coalesce to leave a system where children leave school, without the skills they need to work as adults. There is also need to set up schools, colleges and engineering institutions with private investment. In many emerging economies like India and others, Private participation in education is well established and flourishing. Africa could emulate.

Resurgent has experience of setting up some educational institutions in Bengaluru, India viz. Sarala Birla Academy and India International School. We will be in position to assist any private investors to set up educational institutions in Africa.

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