Business Consulting:

Organisation in Africa are leveraging technology and management to conduct their businesses. With the advent of social media and speed of internet having moved to 4G, organisations are connected on real time basis with their people and are able to monitor compliance on line. There is no more leaning for optimisations but focus is on global scaling and economies of scale. The organisations are focussing on people and processes. In all businesses, there is no success without value add. Consumer behaviour with predictivity has given rise to data analytics and organisationís fine tuning to align with not only consumer aspirations but consumer delight. There are no businesses without satisfied customers. Arising therefrom, most organisations in Africa are aligning their businesses in dynamic flux. There are emerging and complex business consulting assignments as in house resources cannot manage the same.

Resurgent offers business consulting to articulate Strategy and Structure of the organisation by ensuring seamless continuity and synergy. Resurgent engages with clients for end to end consulting in setting up green field projects across verticals , Sourcing of funds and equity, Resuscitating ailing companies , Business Development , Process Evaluations, SOPs, Building Human Capital, Performance Maximization , Leveraging Technology and Mentoring Start Ups across geographies.

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