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Founder / CEO  Bachelor of Technology. (Hons) IIT Kharagpur (1981) Post Graduate in Management, IIM Ahmadabad (1983)

Nirmal K Bhardwaj is a professional in the field of technology and management with over 30 years of global experience in the Top Management across verticals and across geographies.

He is B. Tech (Hons) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (1981) and Post Graduate in management from Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad, (1983).He has worked in leadership positions with corporates viz Tata Group, India; Carrier Corporation and Churchgate Group in Asia, Africa, Europe and USA.

He has been chief executive of group of companies in diverse industries. He has been awarded "International Professional" award for 2002 by those who as Historical Society, Boston USA. This award has been conferred him for his outstanding professional and civic achievements among constantans from 150 countries. He is founder member of PanIIT India. He is also Founder VP, IIT Kharagpur Alumni Foundation, India .He is distinguished alumni of Agri and Food Engg. Dept. of IIT Kharagpur. Currently, he is the member International Advisory Committee of AgFE.

He is the founder Managing Director of Resurgent Business Pvt Ltd. He is an Ex-Member of Pan IIT Executive Council. He has been mandated to commercialize several technologies patented by IIT Khargpur. He is also member of governing council of St Joseph College of Business Administration, Bangalore and Jammu University. He has served as a member of council of South African Chamber of Business. He is consultant and board member of many corporates and Institutions in India and Abroad.

He is also founder of The Bengaluru Angels which is aligned with the initiative of Stand-up India, Start-up India.

ResurgentAfrica is another initiative spearheaded by him that focuses on synergising and leveraging entrepreneurship spirit between India and PanAfrica by building enterprises on the confluence of technology and business acumen.

Dr. Madhusudan Chakraborty
Former Director of Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (19/05/2009 - 18/08/2014).
Presently,Professor, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 721302.
B. Tech (Hons) in Metallurgical Engineering (1971), M. Tech in Process Metallurgy (1973) and Ph. D. in Metallurgical Engineering (1978) - all from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

Professional Experience:
Professor (since 13.11.1990) in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Asst Professor (17.02.1981-12.11.1990) in Material Science Centre and in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Lecturer (28.09.1974-16.02.1981) in Materials Science Centre at IIT Kharagpur, Visiting Faculty (29.04.86 - 20.11.86) at the Department of Metallurgy, University of Leeds, U.K, Research Professor (08.08.1995 - 05.09.1995) at Optical Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK, Distinguished International Visiting Scholar (28.05.07 - 27.06.07) at George Woodruff Scholl of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech Atlanta USA, Visiting Professor (May-June 2010 and May-June 2011), Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick UK, Engineer (06.02.74 -- 27.09.74) at Hindustan Motors Ltd., Hind Motors, W.B.
Positions held at IIT Kharagpur:
Deputy Director (01.09.2006 - 18-05-2009), Chairman, Steel Technology Centre (2008-2009), Dean of Alumni Affairs & International Relations (01.04.2003 - 31.08.2006), Dean of Postgraduate Studies (01.08.1996 - 31.07.1999), Head of the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (24.07.2000 - 19.05.2003), Founder Chairman, Optel-IIT Fibre Optics R&D Centre (01.05.96 - 31.12.1996), Chairman, Central Research Facility (01.07.1991 - 01.08.1996), Coordinator, MOC Related DRDO Projects (2002-2007). Held other positions like vice chairman and treasurer of Technology Film Society, Asst Warden in LLR (2 terms) and Nehru Hall of residence etc. prior to becoming Professor as part of students welfare activities.
Positions of Honour :
Members, Institute Body AIIMS Bhubaneswar (2013 - till date), Board of Governors NIT Rourkella (2008-2011), Bhubaneswar Development Authority Advisory Council (since 2010), Board of Management, BPUT (Since 2010), Board of Governors IIT Kharagpur (2005-2007), Finance Committee, IIT Kharagpur (2005-07), Board of Governors NIT Jamshedpur (2005-2008), Finance Committee, NIT Jamshedpur (2006-2008), Empowered Committee, Ministry of Steel, Government of India (2003-2009), Research council, National Metallurgical Laboratory (CSIR), Jamshedpur (2004-2006), Advisory Council of Vinod Gupta School of Management (2003 - 2006), S & T Committee, National Aluminium Company (NALCO), (1999-2000), Divisional Scientific Committee, CMERI, Durgapur (1989-92), Managing Editor, Indian Foundry Journal of The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (2001- 2005), Associate Chairman, Editorial Board, Indian Foundry Journal of The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (2005- 2006).
Best Metallurgist Award (National Metallurgist Day Award) of the Ministry of Steel and Mines, Govt. of India (1996) for his contributions in the field of Aluminium and its alloys, Best paper Award - Vth National Conference on Electroplating and Metal Finishing, INDFIN'93, organized by Metal Finishers Association of India, Borada.(1993), Soli Commissariat Best Paper Award - Indian Foundry Congress, Jaipur, January 2002, Best Technical Paper: Non-Ferrous Award-2010 of the Institute of Indian Foundrymen. National Education Leadership Award by Economic Times (ET) Now - 2013. The Global Corporate Universities Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education by World Education Congress, June 2014.
Research supervision:
Number of Ph. D Supervised: 22;         Number of Ph. D. Submitted: 01
Number of Ph. D. in progress: 01;         Number of M. Tech Supervised: 33
Sponsored Research and Consultancy projects:
1. Created Steel Technology Centre at IIT Kharagpur with support from Ministry of Steel (80%) and DST (20%) Government of India at a cost of Rs 20 Crores to attract bright faculty and students to Iron and Steel Sector (2008-2013) 2. Completed more than 20 Sponsored Projects in the past years at a cost of about 8 crores. 3. Consultancy services have been rendered to different companies in India and abroad
Research Interests:
Solidification Processing, the Grain refinement of Al and its alloys in particular, Materials Characterization, Al alloy based Metal Matrix Composites, Ti based alloys for biomedical applications and Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloys.
Laboratory Development:
In course of his teaching and research he has set up the state-of-the-art Melting and Casting laboratory in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and the Scanning Electron Microscope as well as the Optical Emission Analysis Laboratories at the Central Research Facility. Responsible for persuading Mr. Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone Europe in setting up the Arun Sarin Electronics Materials Laboratory in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at IIT Kharagpur at a cost of 200000 US$.
177 Publications (135 International Journals, 25 Indian Journals and 17 Conferences Proceedings) in Reputed International and National Journals/Proceedings of Conferences.
Visits abroad:
Visited the University of Leeds as visiting faculty and the University of Southampton, UK as Research Professor under the auspices of British Council and Georgia Institute of Technology USA as visiting faculty. He is also a Visiting Professor of the Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick UK. His short visits in connection with conferences, consultancy, lecture tour and alumni relations to other Universities abroad include several Universities in UK, USA, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Holland, Canada, Kuwait and Bangladesh.
Membership of Academic Bodies:
* Life Member, Indian Institute of Metals
* Life Member, Materials Research Society of India
* Member, Institute of Indian Foundrymen
* Life Fellow of The Institution of Engineers (India)
Patent & Technology Transfer:
(1) An Indian Patent "A Process for preparation of Al-Ti, Al-B and Al-Ti-B master alloys for the grain refinement of Al and its alloys" has been granted (No. 193 566 of 05/01/1996) in 1996. A license agreement was signed with an Industry in 1999 for commercial production of the master alloys. The company has successfully marketed the master alloys.
(2) Patent No. 222043 dated 16/07/2008 on "Master Alloy for modification and grain refining of hypoeutectic Al-Si based foundry alloys and its process for manufacture" has been granted (Application NO. 656/KOL/2004 dated 19.10.2004).

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